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deadly_campers's Journal

the wilderness ain't healthy
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

fill out an application within 24 hours of joining
don't bitch. ever. if you can't stand rejection in a rating community, LEAVE.
ell jay cut your ass. on everything.
respect mods and all other members.
don't post if you haven't been stamped (don't reply to comments unless they ask a question or a sway).
if you're rejected, get over it and re-apply in 2 weeks.
no nude photos. we don't want it.
no joke applications unless they are funny.
don't delete your application, or you're banned.
don't apply unless you're 13
be brutally honest while voting on application, but don't say "ugly" or the like
(put "did i pack sunscreen?" in the subject line and your favorite one liner from a song as the ell jay cut tag)

first things first
ideal camping spot:
3 favorite colors:

the important things
15 best bands: (number them vertically or die)
5 worst bands:
favorite music genres:
5 favorite songs:
3 favorite showtunes:
5 favorite movies:
5 favorite books:
3 best musicals:

this or that
alkaline trio or old green day:
rilo kiley or straylight run:
spring or fall:
bears or beavers:
kelly green or lemon yellow:
the used or afi
night or day:
meat or tofu:
meatloaf or queen:
h and m or urban outfitters
the bravery or the killers:

(pick 2 and give a nice, detailed openion)
straight edge:
"war" in iraq:
good charlotte:

praise your fucking mods (that's me, mundane_brother)!!

where'd you find this community (be specific):

promote in 3 places:
GIVE LINKS or get out

camera whores unite!!
(at least{2 pics of the whole you, one of your face, one of you with your pals)

i'd love some promo banners//stamps

<3lyek omgzz, alexa
adam richman, amber pacific, anberlin, anthropology, antique stores, apple cider, armor for sleep, atticus, autumn, aviator glasses, balloons, bamboozle, bears, bill maher, birkenstocks, black, black nailpolish, blazing eagle, brand new, bright eyes, camping, candles, claws, coconut popsicles, coldstone creamery, confetti, crystal lite hard candies, day at the fair, earrings, emo hair, eulogy, eyeliner, falafel, fall out boy, farmers markets, felt tip pens, fingerless gloves, fuji apples, fullbleed, fuse, graphing calculators, green, green eyes, guitar, gym class heroes, h+m, hair clips, hellogoodbye, hit the lights, homestar, hot topic, howard dean, ikea, indigo, jimmy eat world, jon stewart, juice, knapsacks, lanterns, led zeppelin, little hearts, little stars, london, macbeth shoes, mae, michael moore, mix tapes, money, motion citry soundtrack, mountains, music, my friends, my ipod, night time, old fashion alarm clocks, panic! at the disco, peace, peta, pink floyd, plaid, poetry, politics, polka dots, queen meadhbh, rain, record players, rhubarb pie, rob dobi, senses fail, sharpies, showtunes, sleeping bags, snafu, snow days, soccer, spiral staircases, stripes, sundance, sunrise, sunset, sushi, tennis, tents, terra chips, the 70's, the 80's, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the beatles, the bravery, the cure, the early november, the lovley bones, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the royal tenenbaums, theater, thrift stores, tim burton, trail mix, ugli dolls, unwritten law, urban decay, urban outfitters, vegan cooking, white ninja, windchimes, windows, writing, yoda, yoga